Mission, Vision & Values

LEAF Council on Alcoholism and Addictions is dedicated to helping create a community where children and adults can live in healthy environments that are free from the effects of alcoholism and other addictive diseases.

We accomplish this through provision or support of education, prevention, referral, treatment, collaboration, and advocacy.

LEAF seeks to:

  1. Prevent the disease of alcoholism, other drug addiction diseases, and problems associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs.
  2. Educate the public and professional community about the risks of excessive alcohol and/or other drug use.
  3. Educate the public about alcoholism and other drug addictions as treatable family diseases.
  4. Encourage proper diagnosis, treatment, and continuum of care for individuals and families with alcoholism, other drug addictions, and associated problems.

To accomplish its purpose, LEAF:

  • Links clients with appropriate treatment. Develops and implements community education programs.
  • Serves as a respected and reliable source of information on alcoholism, other addictions, and associated problems.
  • Gives special emphasis to improving the awareness and understanding of leaders, educators, health professionals, and the media about the disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions diseases, their medical complications, and related social and economic problems.
  • Identifies the needs of Otsego County residents in regard to every aspect of alcoholism and other drug addictions, and advocates for the establishment of policies and programs to meet these needs.

Leatherstocking Education on Alcoholism/Addictions Foundation, Inc. carries out its mission by direct action of its Board of Directors and staff working cooperatively with a wide range of state, national, and local groups and individuals to address concerns about alcoholism, other drug addictions, and associated problems.