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Otsego County Drinking Driver Program

The Drinking Driver Program (DDP) is part of New York State’s effort to reduce the personal and property losses caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.


Choices & Consequences

LEAF’s Choices and Consequences Program, or C&C, is an innovative, alcohol awareness program designed for youth ages 12 to 20. The program addresses the dangers of underage drinking for those youth who have violated the underage drinking laws, such as the Alcohol Beverage Control Law, Section 65(c). C&C is court mandated by the Otsego County judges who feel offenders will benefit from alcohol and other drug information, and the class will give them the opportunity to explore and address the consequences of ATOD use and abuse.


Problem Gambling Prevention

Gambling today is more accessible than ever. It is portrayed through television and other media as exciting and easy money. However, gambling can lead to serious problems. Your child needs to know that gambling can easily get out of control and lead to serious losses, not only of money and possessions, but also the loss of trust and respect from family and friends or educational opportunities. Studies show that the earlier a child engages in risky behaviors, the greater the likelihood those behaviors will become problematic.


Weight Loss Surgery and Addiction Transfer

Weight loss surgery is a an intervention for the disease of morbid obesity that is growing by leaps and bounds throughout the world.  With success rates for improved quality of life, improved or resolved co-morbid conditions, and long-term weight loss that out paces every other obesity treatment, there is no question why this particular strategy is growing.


Media Literacy Training

“Media Literacy is the ability to “read” television and mass media. Media literacy education teaches people to ACCESS, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, and PRODUCE media. Many studies suggest that such education can produce less vulnerable children and adolescents. National PTA’s, Teachers’ professional organizations, substance abuse prevention programs and the President have all endorsed media literacy. Children who understand the motivations and production techniques of media are less likely to adopt the destructive attitudes and behaviors that are depicted in the media. Media education represents a new and exciting approach to protecting children and adolescents from the unhealthy effects of the media.”

-P. DeBenedittis,Ph.D.

Julie Dostal, PHd, CPP Executive Director, has been trained by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) to provide this training free to any organization that would like it. This training can be used for 6 CASAC, CPP, or CPS hours.

If you would like more information about this training, or would like to schedule a workshop, please contact LEAF at 607-432-0090 or 1-800-339-1894.