Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies (BABES) is a primary prevention program designed to give children a lifetime of protection from substance abuse.

This important information is presented in a manner designed to gain the attention of children and to enable them to develop a desire for healthful living and give them the ability to better understand how to protect themselves from alcohol and chemical dependency situations among their peers and within a family structure.

  • This curriculum teaches healthy living, builds character, and prevents substance abuse using storytelling and puppetry.
  • The sessions include topics on feelings, self-esteem, decision making, peer pressure, coping skills, drug and alcohol information, and what it is like to live in a chemically dependent home.
  • This creative prevention program was designed to be administered in seven sessions.

Meet the characters of BABES World:

BUTTONS & BOWS McKITTY are brother and sister kittens.  They reflect the same feelings and emotions that real children experience and are used to demonstrate effective, acceptable ways of making decisions, coping, and handling life situations.

MYTH MARY is a squirrel who repeats everything she hears without knowing if it is factual or appropriate for the occasion.  Through her, children come to realize how misguided some of their own beliefs are, for example; “It’s wrong to feel angry,” “Alcoholics are bad people,” and other myths.

EARLY BIRD gives a “honk,honk” as an early warning signal for self-defeating behavior and for wrong decisions regarding alcohol and other drugs.

DONOVAN DIGNITY is a wise owl who corrects Myth Mary’s misconceptions and shares a lot of other good information about ways of having a happy and healthy life.  He presents things in a factual, non-judgmental manner in ways children understand.

RECOVERING REGGIE is a dog who is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict.  He tries to erase the stigma attached to substance abuse and to pass on the lessons he has learned as part of his recovery.

RHONDA RABBIT lives in a home with two chemically dependent adults.  She is also an abused child.  She is the voice of experience and can tell children first-hand what has happened to her and how she copes.