Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies (BABES) is a primary prevention program designed to give children a lifetime of protection from substance abuse.

This important information is presented in a manner designed to gain the attention of children and to enable them to develop a desire for healthful living and give them the ability to better understand how to protect themselves from alcohol and chemical dependency situations among their peers and within a family structure.

  • This curriculum teaches healthy living, builds character, and prevents substance abuse using storytelling and puppetry.
  • The sessions include topics on feelings, self-esteem, decision making, peer pressure, coping skills, drug and alcohol information, and what it is like to live in a chemically dependent home.
  • This creative prevention program was designed to be administered in seven sessions.

Meet the characters of BABES World:

BUTTONS & BOWS McKITTY are brother and sister kittens.  They reflect