Weight Loss Surgery and Addiction Transfer

Weight Loss Surgery and Addiction Transfer  

Weight loss surgery is a an intervention for the disease of morbid obesity that is growing by leaps and bounds throughout the world.  With success rates for improved quality of life, improved or resolved co-morbid conditions, and long-term weight loss that out paces every other obesity treatment, there is no question why this particular strategy is growing.

Every surgical procedure and major lifestyle change is accompanied by its own set of risks that patients, family, friends and supporters should be aware of.  The topic of “Addiction Transfer” often comes up as one of those potential risks with Weight Loss Surgery.  This page is designed to offer information on the topic of addiction transfer after weight loss surgery.

There is one caveat:  There are currently no findings in the medical literature that either confirm or deny the existence of addiction transfer.  Data that we do have are anecdotal.  However, medical professionals and patients have seen (or experienced) the onset or the transfer of addiction(s) after weight loss surgery; enough so to warrant discussion.

Useful Information and Resources About WLS and Addiction


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Articles Related to Alcohol Use or Addiction after WLS

After weight-loss surgery, some find new addictions

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
By Jane Spencer, The Wall Street Journal

On the heels of a five-year boom in weight-loss surgeries, researchers are observing an unusual phenomenon: Some patients stop overeating — but wind up acquiring new compulsive disorders such as alcoholism, gambling addiction or compulsive shopping.

Awareness of the issue is just beginning to surface. Some bariatric-surgery centers say they are starting to counsel patients about the issue. Substance-abuse centers, including the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., say they are seeing more bariatric-surgery patients checking in for help with new addictions. And alcoholuse has become a topic of discussion on bariatric-surgery-support sites, such as Weight Loss Surgery Center, wlscenter.com.

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