Shawna Has A Secret


Identifying and Understanding Signs of Trouble

Shawna is a high school student. By all appearances, she seems to be a regular teenager
with a variety of interests and friends. However, something is not quite right. Things
have been “off” with her for a couple of months and you’re beginning to be concerned.
The decision is made to check her room for signs of trouble.

That’s where this interactive program comes in.

We will bring Shawna’s bedroom to your group of parents, grandparents,
and other concerned adults. Each person will have the opportunity to look
through Shawna’s room for signs of trouble. A LEAF Prevention Specialist
will then take you through the signs and talk with you about what to do.
The program lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Learn about:
– Signs of drug abuse
– What to look for
– What to say if you’re concerned
– Who to call if trouble is found

Call LEAF at 607-432-0090 to set up a presentation.
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