About LEAF

Leatherstocking Education on Alcoholism/Addictions Foundation. LEAF is a private, nonprofit, volunteer health organization founded in 1982. Our goal is to reduce the serious personal, social, and economic consequences of alcoholism, other drug addictions, and associated problems. At LEAF, we identify community needs, advocate for policies that address local problems, and provide a range of quality programs that work right here in Otsego and Chenango County.

Our Mission and Values

LEAF’s mission is:

  • To prevent addictions and associated problems.
  • To educate the community about the risks of excessive alcohol and other drug use and about alcoholism and other addictions as treatable family diseases.
  • To encourage proper diagnosis, treatment, and appropriate care for individuals and families.

Over the years, many Otsego County residents have turned to LEAF for help and found themselves on the threshold of recovery. We are now proudly providing services to both Otsego and Chenango County. More than ever LEAF remains committed to reclaiming lives, strengthening families, and building healthy communities in Otsego and Chenango County.

The History of LEAF

The LEAF Council on Alcoholism & Addictions was founded in 1982 by Otsego County residents who were concerned about the effects of alcohol and substance addiction on the lives of susceptible individuals, their family members and the community as a whole.

LEAF’s founders dedicated our non-profit organization to helping create a community where children and adults could live in healthy environments, free from the effects of the diseases of alcoholism and other addictions. 

Our Team

Board of Directors

  • President
    Tara Barnwell
  • Treasurer
    Douglas Brenner
  • Secretary
    Sally Tedesco
  • Roger MacMillan
  • Marcia D’Amico